Yukon Federation of Labour Extends Gratitude to USW Organizers for Swift Support in Workers’ Unionization Efforts

April 12, 2024

WHITEHORSE, YT – The Yukon Federation of Labour (YFL) expresses sincere appreciation to the United Steelworkers union (USW) organizers for their prompt response to the workers at Parsons Inc. at the Faro Mine Remediation Project, who sought assistance. “The expeditious support provided by the USW organizers was instrumental in empowering the workers to achieve certification by the Canadian Industrial Relations Board to join the USW, marking a significant step towards securing better working conditions, fair wages, and improved treatment,” says YFL President Teresa Acheson.

Central to the goal of organizing was the shared commitment of “standing together to protect our land and rights,” particularly concerning the First Nations land on which the workers operate. This emphasis underscores the workers’ dedication to environmental preservation, indigenous rights, and collective well-being, resonating with the values of unity, respect, and stewardship.

The Yukon Federation of Labour underscores the importance of organizing and unionization in the Yukon, emphasizing the benefits that come with joining any union operating in the region. “From advocating for fair wages and safer workplaces to negotiating better working conditions and ensuring respectful treatment, organizing with a union empowers workers to collectively address grievances, amplify their voices, and effect positive change within their respective industries,” says YFL President Teresa Acheson.

Read more from USW at https://usw.ca/yukon-workers-at-parsons-inc-in-faro-join-the-united-steelworkers-union/

As workers at Parsons Inc. embark on negotiations for their first collective agreement, the Yukon Federation of Labour stands committed to supporting them in their endeavors, championing their rights, and fostering a work environment founded on equity, dignity, and mutual respect. For those interested in exploring the advantages of organizing with USW, valuable information and resources can be accessed at betterworknow.ca.

The Yukon Federation of Labour collectively brings together unions across the territory and advocates on behalf of all workers. Helping workers organize and connect with a union that can best represent them, is always a great day.

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