WHITEHORSE – President Vikki Quocksister of the Yukon Federation of Labour (YFL) praised the motion adopted by Yukon’s Legislature yesterday afternoon to move forward on consultations for changes to the Employment Standards act.

Quocksister said it was “an important first step towards improving the working lives of young and new workers in Yukon.”

“By allowing such a wide window for termination without cause, notice, or severance pay, the average worker is less likely to speak up about their rights around safety and working conditions,” Quocksister said. “Moving forward on this change to the Act can have an immediate positive impact on many people’s working lives.”

The motion, brought forward by NDP MLA for Riverdale South Jan Stick, calls for the Yukon government to consult with the public to determine whether Section 50(1) of the Employment Standards Act, the so-called probationary period which allows workers to be terminated without cause or notice, should be amended from six to three months.

“The Federation would like to congratulate the Government and the Official Opposition for the adoption of this motion,” Quocksister said. “We look forward to the consultations, and hope to see changes to the Employment Standards Act brought forward in the next sitting.”

The YFL has been communicating its concerns about the six month probationary period to both the Government and Official Opposition over the past few months, as well as calling for the change in its monthly newsletter to members and allies.