Vaccines for all!

Vaccines for All : Equal Access to Health for All!

January 28, 2021

Join Yukon Federation of Labour and other organizations who are calling federal and provincial governments to ensure full access to the COVID-19 vaccine to all migrants regardless of immigration status.

Vaccines must be free; not require a health card, be accessible, and not be mandatory. 

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Migrant and undocumented people are at the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis. We are often working in essential jobs that sustain our communities but have been excluded from services and protections. Some of the highest rates of COVID-19 infections are for migrants in congregate living and working conditions, like farms, factories, and warehouses, and those who are homeless or incarcerated. 

But at the same time, many migrants in Canada don’t have a health card or coverage. Those who are undocumented are afraid of accessing healthcare in case their personal information is shared with federal immigration enforcement. In some cases, employers have already started to threaten migrants with job loss and deportation if they aren’t vaccinated. 

We call on federal and provincial governments to ensure full access to the COVID-19 vaccine to all migrants regardless of immigration status. Vaccine provision must:

  • Be free of charge;
  • Not require a health card or health card number;
  • Be accessible;
  • Not collect any ID or addresses, or information about immigration status, and develop alternative mechanisms for tracking vaccine doses. Health authorities must guarantee that any personal information that is collected will not be shared with immigration enforcement or police; and
  • Not be coercive or mandatory.

A comprehensive multi-lingual public education and outreach strategy, as well as training for healthcare providers, should be created. Relevant authorities must coordinate with and take leadership from migrant-led organizations to ensure that migrants can receive the COVID vaccine and testing in a safe, accessible and dignified manner, no matter where they work or live, and without fear of punitive consequences.

All migrants must have access to universal healthcare immediately, regardless of immigration status. In order to guarantee safe and healthy communities, an end to detentions and deportations, and full and permanent immigration status for all, is essential.

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