Labour Day 2022 Forward Together, This is Our Moment

September 1, 2022

The Yukon Federation of Labour President message

To the Food Bank Society of Whitehorse and to the Women’s Transition Home – Kaushee’s Place, we generously donate.

  • Every Labour Day we celebrate workers and their contributions to our communities and to our economy. 
  • Workers kept this country afloat while we faced one of the most challenging times in recent history. 
  • And while it’s important to celebrate workers, Labour Day is also an opportunity to highlight the important issues that matter most to workers across Canada. 
  • Workers are pushing back against the status quo.
  • Canada’s unions are building on this momentum by encouraging workers to unionize and stand up to their employers and decision makers with one strong, collective voice. 

On Just Transition

  • It’s also time for investments in green infrastructure so workers can help build a strong economy and a clean environment.
  • But the government must put workers at the center of any climate action and just transition legislation. 
  • We need high quality, low carbon union jobs, both inside and outside the energy sector, and pathways for displaced workers to move into those jobs.

Canada’s unions can ensure a strong future for all workers

  • Too many working families can’t afford to pay for necessities, like food and housing.
  • Now is the time to build strong social programs that will benefit generations to come.
  • The best way forward – the only way to succeed at putting workers at the heart of Canada’s recovery plans – is together. 
  • As union members, we know the importance and value of solidarity. 
  • And we know that we are so much stronger when we work together, in common cause. 
  • Canada’s unions help provide stability for workers and their families.
  • We’re fighting to make life more affordable for everyone. 
  • We proudly work alongside progressive governments, improving the lives of all workers through universal social programs and income supports. 
  • We fight for social justice, climate action, equality and diversity, and a better future for all. 
  • And at the heart of everything we do are always workers and their families. 
  • We’re in this together and united we will build a stronger Canada for all. 
  • Thank you and happy Labour Day

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