Building Psychologically Healthy Workplaces - Whitehorse Offering!

Building Psychologically Healthy Workplaces – Whitehorse Offering!

Yukon Federation of Labour is pleased to offer Building Psychologically Healthy Workplaces, a free 4 day program on how to evaluate and improve the mental health of workplaces.

Please register by commenting with your name, contact number and email address, at this link.  Space is limited and we will take names on so don’t delay!

Mental Health is the psychological state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioural adjustment.

It includes an individual’s ability to enjoy life, and create a balance between life activities and efforts to achieve psychological resilience. Psychological health and safety refers to the absence of harm and/or threat of harm to mental well-being that a worker might experience in a workplace.

Yukon Federation of Labour, in conjunction with the BC Fed Health & Safety Centre, has developed this 4 day program designed to improve the psychological health of all workplaces. The 4 modules that make up this program are:

  • Workplace Bullying & Harassment
  • Preventing Workplace Stress
  • Accommodating Mental Health Issues
  • Understanding & Implementing the new CSA Psychological Health Standard

The curriculum focuses on personal safety factors as well as organizational factors and culture that are important to address.

A psychologically safe workplace is one that allows no significant injury to employee mental health in negligent, reckless or intentional ways and one in which every reasonable effort is made to protect the mental health of employees.

A workplace with an effective plan and strong commitment to psychological health will result in an enhanced ability to enjoy life, and create a balance between life activities and efforts to achieve psychological resilience.

Building Psychologically Healthy Workplaces - Whitehorse Offering!

National Day of Mourning

National Day of Mourning Ceremony

JOINT PRESS RELEASE: Yukon workers remembered at National Day of Mourning ceremony

Yukoners will gather for the Day of Mourning ceremony taking place at the Workers’ Memorial in Shipyards Park. The annual occasion honours Yukon workers who lost their lives to work-related incidents or occupational disease, and workers who were injured on the job.

“On Saturday, we will come together as workers, employers and family members to pay tribute to those who have died on the job,” said, President/CEO of the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board Kurt Dieckmann. “This ceremony also calls us to reflect upon the vital role that occupational health and safety plays in protecting our lives and wellbeing at work.”

Last year, almost 500 workers suffered a workplace injury that required time away from their jobs to recover. Since 1984, there have been over 60 workplaces fatalities, with one in 2017.

In Whitehorse, the ceremony is hosted by the Yukon Federation of Labour in partnership with the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board. This year’s prevention-focused theme is “Violence and harassment: Not part of the job.”

“The Day of Mourning reminds us of the worst that can happen to workers in the course of doing their jobs.” said President of the Yukon Federation of Labour Justin Lemphers. “These injuries can be physical or mental and this year’s theme draws our attention to preventing the serious harm that is done by workplace violence and harassment.”

The annual National Day of Mourning was started by the Canadian Labour Congress in 1985. Events are taking place in communities across the country.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Day of Mourning ceremony that will take place at 12:30 on Saturday, April 28, at the Workers’ Memorial in Whitehorse’s Shipyards Park.


Justin Lemphers
Yukon Federation of Labour
(867) 456-8250

Andrew Robulack
Manager of Social Marketing and Communications
Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board
(867) 335-6040

The Push For Change – Whitehorse

Please join The Push For Change, the Whitehorse stop on a cross-country tour.

The Push for Change is a non-profit organization focused on the prevention of youth homelessness.  Mr. Joe Roberts has been raising awareness and fundraising for youth homelessness issues by pushing a shopping cart across Canada.  For more information, please visit:
Date:          September 7th
Where:      Waterfront Healing Totem            Time: 4:30 p.m.
                     Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre                    5:30 p.m.
This free event starts at the Waterfront Healing Totem, followed by a walk to Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre where dinner will be served.  After dinner, there will be speeches from Yukon youth and Mr. Roberts.
Donations can be made in advance and at the event.  Proceeds from the event will be split between the Boys and Girls Clubs of Yukon and The Push For Change, and be put towards programming to prevent youth homelessness.
Event partners include:
and there’s room for more to join the movement!
If your organization would like to get involved, please contact Mr. Marc Gagne, Business Manager of UA Local 310 at 867-335-6582 or email.

Labour Day BBQ @ Shipyards Park

Yukon Employees’ Union is hosting the annual free Labour Day BBQ in Shipyards Park.

Date: September 4
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

This year, YEU is asking people to join them in building a Mountain of Mac.  This food is often in short supply at the Whitehorse Food Bank and YEU will be donating $1,000.00 of Mac & Cheese to help address this need.  You can join YEU in this effort by:

  • Contacting YEU and making a Mac Pledge (call 867-667-2331 or email
  • Bring your Mac to Shipyards Park on September 4 and add it to the mountain!
  • Donate directly to Whitehorse Food Bank

Please share this free event (via Facebook) with your family, friends and community.  Come for the food, for the community and for the massive Mountain of Mac.  We hope to see you there on September 4!

National Day of Mourning

Day of Mourning – Workers’ Memorial, Shipyards Park

Day of Mourning is a day dedicated to remembering Yukon workers injured or killed on the job.

You are invited to come and honour injured and deceased workers and their families.

This is a free event, open to the public.  Come and gather at the tent, near the Workers’ Memorial in Shipyards Park.

Ceremony will begin at 12:30 pm and will be a half hour in duration.  The tent will be open at noon to allow people to assemble and find seats.

Together, you and I will keep each other safe.


Instructor Training Opportunity – March 2017

The Yukon Federation of Labour is pleased to announce Instructor Training the week of March 21st, 2017 (the course is also commonly referred to as Facilitator Training or Train the Trainer).
The course will be offered over three days, March 21 to 23 (Tuesday to Thursday) at the YFL office, and the days will run from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with an hour break for lunch.
There will be no enrollment cost to attend this course. However, YFL will not be entertaining loss of salary, travel, accommodation, childcare, or other expenses. Please confer with your labour organization regarding funding support to be able to attend.
YEU MEMBERS – YEU’s Education Application must be completed for all external workshops and training requiring funding for tuition and/or loss of salary, travel expenses. Download and print education the application, and submit directly to YEU.
A brief description of the course follows:
The course designed to facilitate learning of popular and adult instructional techniques which respect and value the knowledge that workers already have while building new skills in a collaborative, supportive environment.
The course also states upfront our commitment that labour educators are leaders responsible for breaking down barriers to participating and learning in a labour education environment and within our committees. Participants in this course are challenged to broaden their working class equality analysis as part of their learning. We do this to create a better understanding of oppression – how workers can be divided and how issues like racism, homophobia, and ableism, which are systemic within our unions and communities, must be challenged in order to promote the growth of our movement.
In keeping with the theme of participant-centred education, the course relies heavily on class participation. Class discussion, team assignments, brainstorms, case studies, and evaluations are the main instructional methods employed. Much of the work is done in small groups. In fact, co-instructing is heavily emphasized in planning, preparation, and instruction. This provides for an ideal and realistic sharing of personal experiences, involvement, and practice. The instructors will make every effort to make themselves available when team assignment is occurring.
This offering is open to all workers within the Labour/Union movement. Space will be limited to 16 participants, so don’t delay in registering.
Members can sign-up for the course by emailing with the following details:
“INSTRUCTOR TRAINING” in the subject line (email shortcut here)
their name
work place
a contact number
and a contact email
Enrollment preference will be given to affiliate Unions, Locals, Lodges and Branches. Other labour groups which would like to explore affiliating with YFL, please call 867-456-8251 or email

Yukon Unions Invite Community to Celebrate Multiculturalism Day

The PSAC North Racially Visible Committee and the Yukon Federation of Labour and its affiliates are pleased to announce the first labour-organised Canadian Multiculturalism Day Celebration in Yukon and would like to invite the Yukon community to come and enjoy the afternoon at Shipyards park on Sunday, June 26 from 2- 5 pm.

“This is an opportunity for our community to get to see and hear about some the rich cultural diversity of Yukon, “says YFL President Vikki Quocksister. “There will be some presentations, music, some short talks and dance, all of which showcase Canada’s traditions both from our past and for our future.” The event will have some of Yukon’s food trucks and traditional foods for purchase.

Unions have long supported anti-racism and human rights with many workers and community members having a rich ethnic heritage. President for the PSAC North Racially Visible Committee Derek Yap says, “we are honoured and happy to be able to show both our community and our union members how Canada is changing in its diversity and to share information about some of these different cultures to our neighbours and friends.”

Yukon’s Multiculturalism Day will be celebrated in Shipyards Park on Sunday, June 26th from 2 until 5PM.